Animakom FEST 2023

The International Animation Community Festival of Bilbao - ANIMAKOM FEST was born in 2017 with the goal of filling an empty space in the cultural program of Bilbao and its provincial and regional environment, making the fans reach a wide selection of the best international works of animation films that otherwise could not be publicly showed in the city.

The program consists of the screening of short films in four competitive sections (professionals, students, basque short films and animated music videos) and several showcases that include a selection of the most relevant international animation film festivals, with a special focus on productions directed by women.

As the main act of the festival, the Animakom Award is given to a female director or professional of animation cinema in recognition of her career, projecting retrospective sessions on her work.

Since 2017, with the sponsorship of the Bilbao City Council and the Fundación SGAE, and the participation of several agents and local audiovisual groups, we have managed to add more collaborating entities also expanding the screening venues and the number of complementary activities (training workshops and professional conferences and master classes).