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Laboral Kutxa Award
Juan Luis González Palacios

Juan Luis González Palacios

I was born in Huelva, in 1978. I lived and worked in Huelva, Sevilla, Nijmegen (Holland), Barcelona and Madrid. I grew up with curiosity always hanging around between drawings and comics from different sources. I first studied Law, and after realizing that that wasn't my way to go, I studied Fine Arts specializing in Graphic Design and Illustration. Since then, I haven’t stopped my training in this area. I developed my career as an Art Director doing photography, graphic design, illustration, character design, advertising, motion graphics, editorial design and 3D so I worked on a wide variety of projects and almost in all the areas of my interest. I have obtained several awards in these disciplines. My most recent work has been as Senior Lighting Artist in “Klaus”, an animated movie recognized by critics and the audience, which has been a great opportunity on a personal level to connect with everything that I have learnt throughout my career.

Profession: Art Director